Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Where Have We Been?

Where Have We Been?

I have not had the opportunity to write a blog post since the beginning of the year when we were knee deep in fresh snow and making laps at Snowbasin. Since then we have been adventuring all over our cherished local mountains and waterways and hit the road for trips in Southern Utah and Northern Montana. An especially memorable trip was a four-day float trip via canoe on the Upper Missouri River in Montana where we faced start-to-finish cold temperatures, rainy weather, and driving wind. Despite the obstacles, our students excelled and learned valuable lessons in teamwork, endurance, positive attitudes and ingenuity. Our next river trip was quite different as the temperatures along Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River stayed above 100۫ F during each of the four days we floated and evenings offered little respite. Fortunately the water temperature was in the mid 50’s from increased water releases at Flaming Gorge that week and we spent just as much time in the river as we did on top of the boats to beat the heat.

Other trips had us snowshoeing into yurts locally and in Southern Idaho for extended stays during the snowy days we weren’t hitting the slopes.

Besides that? Rock climbing in City of Rocks, local hikes and mountain biking, canoe and standup paddleboarding on every river, reservoir and marsh in the valley, and always white water rafting on the Snake River in Wyoming. Yeah, it has been a good year.

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