Thursday, October 5, 2017

Views From Our Changing Seasons

My last blog post told the story of our trip to the Grizzly Ridge Yurt in the Uinta Mountains of northeastern Utah. Back when the ground was buried deeply in white, the trees were bare, and the scenery was often obstructed by falling snow or dense cloud cover. Now only one season away from that same beautiful scene, I want to share the photos and a few stories from our spring and summer excursions and the first few weeks of fall.
Almost every mountain range in the western US was full of snow through April and May, many well into June. While this certainly makes for nice photos, it also makes for muddy, wet shoes on a hike. 

Speaking of wet shoes, running rivers after a historic winter season will leave you soaked head to toe, often with 50ᵒ F water. Many of our trails had dried out by the time July rolled around, though we were able to still find a patch here and there at the highest elevations. Another benefit to the summer season is dry rock and warm belays.

I am slightly biased about winter being the best season, but after the warm months of summer provide never-ending light and jacket-free recreation I find it difficult to yield to the changing of the leaves. Fortunately fall brings gorgeous sunsets, long shadows and a color palette too exquisite to comprehend.

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