Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Uncomplicated Love of an Animal

In my last blog post, I introduced our new dog, Ivy to everyone.  Since this time, Ivy has brought joy and comfort to many students at Logan River Academy.  She has also increased mine and other employee’s job satisfaction.  I wanted to include some pictures that you can enjoy. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Logan River Academy: Surrounded by Adventure, Part 1

A large piece of our work here at Logan River Academy, whether academically, therapeutically, or both, is supported by offering our clients several opportunities for stress release, healthy coping, and confidence building through various recreational pursuits. We are located in beautiful Cache Valley, surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes and rural areas in every direction. Cache Valley is unique in that there are four separate mountain ranges that make this area a true valley. The largest, the Bear River Range, gives us our eastern boundary and a majority of our recreation opportunities are found in Logan Canyon, Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Green Canyon and several others.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Interesting Articles

Just a quick post with links to a couple of news articles related to our business at Logan River Academy that we've found interesting lately.

First, this article, talks about the struggle some families face as they contemplate residential treatment for their child. Specifically, this is about California where the school districts have taken over the responsibility from the counties for residential treatment and the ensuing costs and how that has affected the search for treatment for those families. We work closely with several school districts and do truly appreciate what they can do to help many children and their families who are struggling.

Secondly, this article, gives some good ideas about how to build a healthy, strong relationship with your teenage child. It talks about trust, love, and respect and how to generate those qualities in your relationship.

We hope you found these articles interesting as we did, and if you have any comments about these articles or find any other great articles please leave us a comment here on the blog!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Will You Do?

Here at Logan River Academy we see success and struggle every day. We rejoice when our students succeed and we are saddened when they struggle. At times some of our students struggle to take responsibility for their lives and have a tendency to blame others instead of looking within. Sometimes life throws difficult things our way and we are left with the blank slate of determining how we will think about and deal with the situation.

A little over two years ago my wife, Rachel, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This news was shocking and unexpected. When cancer is diagnosed, the medical profession very rapidly bursts into action. Before we knew it we were seeing doctor after doctor trying to figure out what we needed to do. A mastectomy was strongly recommended along with breast reconstruction. They also wanted to remove lymph nodes for testing purposes. Next their plan was to have Rachel have radiation and chemotherapy. This was a very emotional and challenging time for us. Whenever one hears the word ‘cancer’ many questions start to go through one’s mind.